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New Music for New Ears
NYAE Perspective

New Music for New Ears is an important NYAE program serving kids and adults in the West Harlem community. Because we live in a time when funding for the arts in our schools and concert halls continues to be cut, the NYAE began a pocket option india series of educational initiatives, in partnership with the Riverbank State Park in West Harlem, that teaches children the art of composing music.  We offer opportunities for young people to nurture their “inner artists,” and to build new audiences for the future.  Many children of West Harlem dream of the opportunity to create their own music. The NYAE is working to make that dream a reality through the New Music for New Ears project.

The Deciding Factor—You!

New Music for New Ears is supported by contributions from individuals like you.  Our start-up program already has too many children trying to share one computer!  They are eager to create, but need the physical hardware in order to do so.

Opening a new musical world of opportunity and pride

When a child creates his or her own music it helps build a sense of confidence and pride. You can see the hope and optimism in their faces.  Our goal is to inspire children to explore and express a fundamental part of themselves through music, and to help build within them a base pocket option app for pc for future achievement and success.

You can help by sending a check for any amount to the:
New York Art Ensemble
640 West 139th Street, Box 60,
New York, NY, 10031. 

Thanks.  Your gift matters.

Young Composers Competition
Young composers are special, and the NYAE understands how important it is to encourage young people in the new music world. As a result, the NYAE has created an Annual Young Composers Competition. This national contest selects a single work from a gifted student and performs it on one of our regular concerts. The student receives a first-rate performance, a CD recording of the concert, and exposure on the New York City concert scene. Click here for more information and guidelines.
The NYAE composers and performers participate in new music education and promotion by lecturing and performing at local schools, universities and senior groups. For more pocket option social trading information, send email request to

New York Art Ensemble, 640 West 139th Street, Suite 60, New York, NY 10031